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We can provide your hotel with high quality background music for your foyer, restaurant, bar and other public areas.

Our carefully designed audio solutions feature professional grade CD multi-disc players or solid state media player based managed music services which can be scheduled throughout the day and receive perfectly profiled track updates, automatically downloaded via a secure internet link. If preferred, different styles of music can be fed to different trading areas.

We can also provide multiple zoning so that you can remotely and independently select the music source and control the sound level in each and every area.

We have teamed up with a London based organisation called I Like Music. With a library of over 3 million tracks and 10,000 more being added every month, the ILM solution is based around their e-Box solid state media player.

You have the services of the ILM music profiling team at your disposal. Via detailed discussions with you, our mutual client, these experts build the initial 1,250 track music library which will be exactly to your requirements, taking into account your type of business, your target customers and your trading patterns throughout the day and evening.

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When it comes to loudspeakers, we firmly believe that, in such locations, they should definitely be heard but (almost) not seen. To endorse this ethos we specify ceiling or wall mounted units that are amongst some of the most diminutive on the market. The British made brand of Audica includes a ceiling speaker (the ‘MicroDot’) which is a mere 2″ in diameter! Their ‘MicroPoint’ and ‘MicroLine’ wall speakers are similarly small at 9.5″ x 3″ and 15″ x 3″ respectively.

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Of course, we do supply and install other brands of speakers but, without exception, we critically audition every potential model – both for appearance and sound – before making the decision to recommend it to our valued clients.

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hotel screen Hotel Digital Signage

Digital Signage – to inform, promote, advise or sell.

Whilst we can supply multiple LCD TVs for hotel bedrooms, our area of expertise within this sector of the hotel market is that of digital signage.

  • Welcome your guests
  • Advise on room locations for various meetings and functions
  • Promote your restaurant, spa, swimming pool or gymnasium
  • Offer ancillary services
  • Promote forthcoming hotel events
  • Provide local tourist information
  • Display the latest news headlines or weather forecasts
  • Show transport arrival and departure timetables

Digital signage on large format flat panel displays is a powerful communications tool. Located in your reception area, the bar or perhaps meeting room break out areas, we offer ‘hardware + software’ or ‘software only’ solutions.

Additionally, you can opt for a signage media player that is specific to and for a single screen or choose to route your visual content via your internal hotel’s data network. For a multiple hotel chain, the digital signage content can be created at head office and routed to all locations over the internet, giving central control of the majority of the content together with the facility for local / regional content be added.

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Audio Visual

Buy or Hire…

For meeting or conference rooms, we offer a wide range of audio visual hardware.

Portable Equipment

We stock a wide range of projectors, flat panel displays, projection screens, media players, staging, lecterns, stage lighting and sound reinforcement systems for outright purchase or short term hire.

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Installed Systems

Lectern AV Control

We can equip your hotel conference centre with the very latest audio visual technology as well as stage lighting and bespoke AV furniture.

We design our systems to offer you exceptional performance whilst still being user friendly for your visiting clients.

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