Pubs, Bars & Restaurants

Pubs, Club, Bars and Restaurants


A discreet background music system for your traditional pub?
A foreground music system for your stylish bar?
Maybe a big screen projector system or one or two LCD TVs for Sky Sports?
What about a totally weatherproof LCD TV for your smokers’ area?
Have you considered multiple screen digital signage to promote, inform and sell?
Latest technology energy efficient LED decor lighting for a constantly changing colour scheme?
A high performance sound sytem for your DJs or live bands?
And maybe a complete effects or stage lighting scheme to add impact to your venue and its music?

…… CentreStage Technology can provide you with all of the above!

Background Music for Pubs, Clubs and Bars


As an essential element of a pub, club or bar, background music can enhance the atmosphere, influence your customers’ perception of your business, improve brand awareness, increase customer spending and maximise profits.

We offer you a wide range of solutions including Multi Channel Internet Streaming CD, MP3 and flash card based managed music systems wiich are updated via the internet.

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Alternatively, music might be a central feature of your location’s public entertainment.This might be a constant stream of ‘up front’ foreground music featuring the latest tracks or maybe a DJ or live entertainment from visiting bands. Such applications demand a different style and standard of sound system.

Large Screen TVs for Pubs, Clubs and Bars


Latest HD ready and full HD projector and LCD TV systems – plus nationwide installation.

The ‘Big Match’ remains as popular as ever, pulling the crowds into pubs, clubs and bars across the country. For Senanta, Sky Sports and the many other digital channels now available, CentreStage Technology has the latest big screen projectors, plasmas and LCD TVs together with the best warranties in the business. – All supplied equipment comes, as standard, with our 3 year extended warranty (excluding projector lamps). That’s an unbeatable level of after sales service!

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And now we can even supply and install totally weatherproof LCD screens for installation in your smokers’ enclosure or our on your beer garden patio…

Video screens can also be a valuable asset to your business if they are put to use as digital signage displays when they are not being used for sports events. Using a dedicated media server with easy to use software, you can combine and broadcast a live TV or video feed, RSS newsfeeds, HTML with Javascript, Adobe Flash content and an Atomic Clock display all on the same screen! Connected to your screens directly or via a computer network such as the Internet or via your own network Intranet, digital signage is the up to date solution for point-of-sale, adverts and promotions. We can advise you on the most suitable system for your type of location and proposed usage. And don’t forget that we can arrange for pre-sale on site product demonstrations as well as post-sale operator training sessions. And finally, when there is nothing worth watching on your big screens, ambient visuals can be integrated into your digital signage system to provide constantly changing ‘visual wallpaper’.

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Effects Lighting for Pubs Clubs and Bars


For pubs, clubs and bars, there are three distinct sectors of professional lighting. They are effects lighting, stage lighting and architectural (or decor) lighting.

We have many years of experience in creating, supplying, installing and maintaining effects lighting systems for nightclub dance floors and ‘destination’ bars across the UK. Combining latest technology with installation services of the highest standard, CentreStage Technology can make your venue visually come alive.

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Stage Lighting is a definite requirement if your venue has live acts or live music. Once again, we have extensive experience in this sector of the market and so can provide you with a modest but highly functional stage lighting scheme or an elaborate one which features a balanced selection of static and moving head fittings together with DMX lighting desk control where you can create and then store a large number of lighting ‘scenes’ for future use.

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Architectural Lighting for interiors (otherwise known as decor lighting) is predominantly centred around multiple high output LED light sources which then cycle through their range of colours to constantly ‘wash’ the walls, fixtures and fittings or be statically set to create a specifically required mood for specific times of the trading day.

For exterior lighting, high output LEDs are again used but another option is that of remotely sited weatherproof floodlights or colour changers which feature high output MSD (metal halide) lamps.

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