Retail Stores & Showrooms

Niche retailer? 24/7 supermarket? Multi floor department store? High profile high street fashion name?

Retail Music System Retail Music System
Retail Music System Retail Music System

Background Music Systems for Stores and Showrooms

CentreStage Technology can provide you with professional sound and vision technology to enhance your offered ‘retail experience’, to inform or advise your customers or basically to promote and sell your products or services.

Specifying latest technology premium brand products, we guarantee to design, supply, install and maintain a music system for your retail location or multiple chain that will sound superb – without being excessively priced.


SupermarketMusic is one of the easiest way to infuence your customers’ perception of your business. Music can be used to motivate your employees, improve brand awareness, increase customer spending and maximise your profits.

We supply amplification, loudspeakers and nationwide installation as well as multi disc CD or internet streamed music channels.

Our multi channel music service streamed via the internet provides you with a wide choice of music styles which can be ‘locked in’ or ‘locked out’ accordingly. The expertly programmed content runs 24/7 – with no DJ chat and no adverts.

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Digital Signage for Retail Locations

Dynamic digital signage is eye-catching and effective but it has, until now, been relatively expensive mainly due to the sophisticated hardware required to run the applications. CentreStage Technology now offer you N-Dex and Prologue – two signage solutions that represent a breakthrough in technology and affordability. Find out more about our digital signage solutions.